Guangxi Tiandong Shengtai Industrial Trading CoLTD

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Established in November 2015, Guangxi Tiandong Shengtai Industrial Trading Co.Ltd. was authorized to set up by Zhejiang Jinjiang Group, which operates the bulk commodity domestic and international trading business among non-ferrous metals and chemical industries.

Availing the support of the related products resources of Guangxi Tiandong Jinjiang Circular Economy Industrial Park and wide sales network of distribution, the company has been satisfying numerous clients with our quality product...

          • Company Name:
          • Guangxi Tiandong Shengtai Industrial Trading CoLTD
          • Business Type:
          • Main Products:
          • Company’s main products of varieties nonferrous metals and chemical products are: chlorinated polyethylene(CPE), polyaluminium chloride(PAC), alumina, aluminum ingots, silicon manganese alloy, aluminium fluoride, cryolite, bauxite, bentonite ore, active clay, coal, petroleum coke, caustic soda, sodium carbonate, hydrochloric acid, industrial salt, liquid chlorine,sodium hypochlorite, high density polyethylene,etc.
          • Address:
          • Jinjiang Petrochemical Industrial Park, Pingma Twon, Tiandong County
          • Post Code:
          • 531500
          • Contact Person:
          • Ziqin Gao
          • Department:
          • Import & Export Specialist
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          • Tel:
          • 0086-776-2090022
          • Fax:
          • 0086-776-2090107
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